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Pittsgrove Township Elementary Schools, Norma School, Elmer School, and Olivet School, are committed to creating an environment where all students reach their highest level of academic, emotional and social achievement.  All members of the school community will strive to create a safe environment where students demonstrate PRIDE and will be able to develop into productive global citizens.

We believe in growing all learners to thrive!



Message from the Principal - November

Dear Parents/Guardians,

October had many fun-filled activities/events! We want to begin by thanking you for supporting each of our events, such as the Week of Respect Activities, our School Spirit Day, and more.  Our trip to Moods Farm had 109 parents/guardians in attendance as per the chaperone count and Moods Farm ticket sales! We truly appreciate your support.  To the chaperones, thank you once again for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend the mandatory chaperone meeting as well as the trip.   For the next school’s trip, we will provide three meeting dates for chaperones to attend in order to provide additional options with dates and times.

We want to thank Chief Linda Kurtz for doing an amazing job in presenting to our students the importance of fire safety.  Students absolutely enjoyed walking through the fire truck as well as meeting Sparky, the fire house mascot!

We are thankful for the A.P. Schalick High School students who visited Norma Elementary School students.  These visiting high school students were enrolled in the Early Childhood Development & Careers course.  What an awesome opportunity for these students to see what takes place where the children’s educational careers begin. J

We want to give special thanks to the Room Parents for preparing such wonderful unique activities for our students and for providing delicious snacks during the Halloween parties.  Well done. J

Looking ahead . . .

  • November 1, 2019 – Is our School Spirit Day.  Students and staff did a great job wearing their blue and white or their Norma Cub shirts!  For the month of October, Ms. Hars, Ms. Saponaro, and Ms. Yuhaze won Spirit Day because 100% of the students and staff in their classes wore blue! J  For the month of November, Ms. Cole and Ms. Lutes classes had 100% participation!  Yay!
  • November 5, 2019 – PreK4 will have their end of study celebration of “Balls”.  Please review the information that was sent home. 
  • November 7 & 8, 2019 – Schools are closed for NJEA Convention.
  • November 11, 2019 – Schools are closed for Veteran’s Day
  • November 12 – 15, 2019 – Each of the classes will have the opportunity to visit the Norma Book fair.  Students will be able to purchase age appropriate books during the school day.
  • November 13 & 14, 2019 – Parent Visitation will take place.  More information in reference to specifics is forthcoming. 
  • November 13, 2019 – You are invited to join us for a parent workshop highlighting strategies for some of the more challenging behaviors parents face. Some of the topics that will be addressed are: establishing routines at home, giving children appropriate consequences for undesired behaviors, how to handle tantrums, sibling rivalry, and mealtime challenges. This workshop will be held form 6:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. in room 9. Light refreshments will be served. We look forward to seeing you!
  • November 15, 2019 – PreK3 will have their end of study celebration of “Trees”.  Please review the information that was sent home.
  • November 19, 2019 – 50th Day of school celebration!  We ask that students “dress like a staff member”.  It will be fun to see whom they choose to be!
  • November 27, 2019 – Early dismissal for all students.  Norma Elementary School will dismiss at 11:30 AM.
  • November 28 & 29, 2019 – Schools are closed for Thanksgiving.
  • December 1, 2019 – It is our School Spirit Day.  Students and staff will wear blue and white or their Norma Cub shirts!

 For those who attend Firm Foundations or Building Blocks, the private providers will notify you if there are any changes. 

We are looking to launch our new website sometime soon!  There will be a PowerPoint (PPT) tutorial on how to navigate through our website.  The link to the PPT will be located on the main page of our new website in the “star” link titled the “Principal’s Message.”  I will be sending an automated message to all of our parents via email once the new website is available.

 Thank you for your time.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


Dr. Priscilla Ocasio-Jiménez



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